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What a rip off

Save your money ! So disappointed. Crap!

Just stops recording frequently

Wouldn't recommend


This app is incredible. All audio is transcribed and analyzed. Within the analysis, I can see nonwords, volume, language variability, etc, all with detail including the text spoken at that moment. I would really like two additional features. 1) save all info per recording, and 2) add a pitch analysis to capture when the tone is higher vs lower. Overall, this is a winner.

I needed this app years ago!

I say “sorry” all the time — and I’ve been trying to break the habit for years. I love that Ummo has a customized filler word system and it can track what I’m saying. Can’t wait to see what the team comes out with next. Hope you have an Apple Watch so I can get a little buzz and cut this habit for good.

Great but plenty of room for improvements

I like the app it does exactly what I want it to do but there's room for improvements. It should have that feature that prevents the iPhone from shutting off when it's on ( the apps I use for speaking notes have it). I speak for up to an hour at a time and when I rehearse the phone turns off which makes this app pretty limited.

Useless for the worst offenders.

The title of this app is Ummo. One would think that it would detect "um" and "uh" and other filler words which are quite common. This app does no such thing. Do not be fooled. If you want to prevent yourself from saying "OK," then this is the app for you. If you would like to focus on cultivating a professional and filler free style of diction, this app will be useless.

Worked very well

Ummo app is very easy and simple As a foreigner I speak very fast. Ummo app allowed me to reduce the speed of my speech and speak more clearly I would recommend to give a try

Still no improvements?!

This app seems to have been made for a college project and now these kids collected their "C+" and moved on. I paid for this app and even emailed the developers, which initially received a response until I asked about upcoming features, and then nothing... I'd highly recommend NOT downloading this app.

Lack of Features

Key Features missing, app was rushed to the market. Key Features or Things to Add 1. Logging sessions so the user can analyze and track performance.... (This one is obvious, comn guys) 2. Speech Exercises built it (tongue twisters, practice speeches, paragraphs, etc) 3. Tips & Recommendations

Works for me

The filter words seem to work for me and I am not a native English speaker. To me it is not doing so well in "helping me improve" the speech, but it does the job of tracking what I said and counts of some of the words. And from the transcript I know which word I did not correctly pronounce which led to the system recognized as a different word. Could have had more features for the money.


Useless app. Randomly stops recording, after which it says it is processing the transcription which never finishes. Absolutely provides zero value.

Like no like um um

Tested using filler words and it counted 0 and congratulated me? Wow. I am trying to determine if my $2.00 investment has lost value. Program provides no way to contact developer.

To insight is offered to help you improve

This app is just a dictation app with some measurements on top. It doesn't teach what "good" looks like or what you should be working on.

Should be zero stars. Doesn't work. Pull this app and refund money.

No functionality.

Don't waste your money

You talk, it lessens and gives you a graphic how you did. If your expectation of what it does are very low, this is the right app for you. It doesn't play back your speech, no help at all how you can correct your speech.

Fake app, paid reviews

This app is useless. I paid for it and it's seriously a joke. it never senses words correctly, especially during natural conversation. Honestly, the features are so minimal that it can't be tweaked to even serve any practical purposes. Garbage.

Where have you been all my life?

I'm a professional speaking coach, and I've been dreaming of an app like Ummo. (I'm not affiliated with the app developer in any way.) This app helps with the Top 5 Traps that plague public speakers — Speed, Volume, Fillers, Articulation and Timing. A simple, attractive interface makes using the app that much easier and more enjoyable. 2 areas for improvement: While speech recognition technology is improving daily, it's still not entirely accurate in open grammar/large vocabulary ASR. So take the word count and transcription with a grain of salt. Second, the app doesn't offer any way to save transcriptions, stats/results or recordings from previous rehearsals. So there's no way for my coaching clients (or anyone els) to track their progress over time.

Ummo is amazing!!

This app is incredible! It's so easy to use and navigate. Whether it's for formal speaking engagement prep or just for identifying common tendencies and patterns in everyday speaking, this has been super super useful!!

Do not pay money for this!

Saw the app in a business insider article, but I was disappointed to find out - It does not recognize all speech - It cannot separate sentences and treats entire speech as one long sentence - It does not save results - It does a naive detection of filler words ("like" is flagged in "I like apps.") It is a cool idea and neat concept, but an unfinished tech demo should not be sold for $1.99.

Cool app

Not bad

Dictation Stats - No Feedback

Apparently you have to annunciate the word "um" correctly for it to be detected. Ironic? App does not present any usable data or offer any suggestions on how to improve.

Add playback functionality

Great "design" on the app and playback functionality so I can hear my speech back. 😂😂😂

Does. Not. Work

Couldnt process the transcript. Got stuck. Waste of my time and money. Would like a refund !!!

Not a bad idea but execution bad

I like the idea of the app, but its speech recognition still isn't very good

Great app that helps with a common problem

Verbal tics, what the program calls fillers, are extremely common, especially among younger people. I used Ummo with my 15 year old daughter to help her realize how often she says "like". She knew she was saying it, but she was surprised by the frequency. I'm also going to use it with some of new hires in my office. Great program! In the next version, I'd like to see some guidance on how loud to speak, what pace is ideal, etc. This program is useful for anyone whether you're a student, a seasoned professional or an uber driver.

Useful tool to prepare speeches

I have to make public speeches every now and then, and I use this app to identify the sentences I am the least comfortable with and the words that are too difficult to pronounce. It is much easier to identify difficult passages now thanks to the visualization system. Great idea. I hope the team will continue adding new features for public speakers.

Must have for anyone that speaks to any size group

If you only talk to yourself this is not an app you need If you talk to a group, coworkers, in team meetings, this will help you realize that you can improve not just what you say (filler words) but how you say it (pacing, pausing, clarity). Look fwd to updates with more features like saving and emailing the text with punctuation so that I can use it as speech notes for a presentation.

Great app for speech improvement

I used Ummo to practice for a startup pitch competition. It helped me get rid of my verbal crutches, find a good tempo and improve the clarity of my speech. Great app!

Umm... Amazing!

Ummo is great for identifying filler words when you are preparing for a speech or presentation. It notifies you of the "umms" and "likes" so you can cut them out and sound more professional. I totally recommend it!

Useful and beautiful!

This app will be a very useful tool as I develop further in my job and help build confidence in my public speaking abilities. Plus the UI is beautiful! Love Ummo.

Great stuff so proud of you

Hey Ummo great stuff so proud of ya

Ummo- umm YES!

Nowadays, everyone needs to present at some point. This app can pinpoint your ums, likes, and other filler words so you can coach yourself to better speeches. It takes the work from having to relisten to an entire presentation again and helps you focus on where the presentation is really tripping you up. Furthermore the app, writes out what I'm saying- this is great to help me with enunciation (it would be great if we can export that data!!). I'm using this app for preparation of important reviews. I would love to have a save feature to toggle back to old presentations to see how I'm improving. And to label the presentations by folders, so I can organize them properly. This app has huge potential- it'll only grow from here.

Excellent product! Super useful!

Awesome app! The data is really interesting and provides many helpful insights for coaching. Would love to see benchmarks and a chance to email the "transcription" with an easy click. I'll be recommending this for any client going through an interview process (or simple introducing themselves).

Really use data

Guys, love the app. Love the data that gets thrown back once the speech analysis is done. I would like to see bench marks as well - what is the optimum pace at which one should speak, at what volume should one speak, etc It would also be really useful to see the graphs overlaid on the replay of the speech. Keep up the good work! R.

Really cool and easy to use!

App was super easy to get started with and really helpful to improve my speaking clarity and get rid of those filler words!

This is great!

This is the first app I found which analyzes speech in such depth. I've already found it helpful to understand how I'm being understood, which is extremely valuable as a technical consultant!

Needs work

Basically this app tracks filler words and does a pretty decent job of it. But the app seems unfinished. Can't save results which forces you to write it down. Lame. Tries to transcribe as you speak but not accurately. Not worth the 2 bucks. Should be free.

Capitan obvious

This will help with VoiceOvers but I'd like to have this tracking while I'm presenting in conference call - i.e. Webex It may be obvious how I can accomplish but I can't seem to figure it out. Any advice?

Great, but...

I'm really enjoying this app! To really impress, you need to add the ability to record. Being able to replay a recording to hear myself would make this a 5-star app. It would be fantastic to have a list of my recordings with some score or stats on the side so as I practice over and over, I can see that I'm improving. I'd pay more if you had this, for sure. Keep up the good work!


Awesome, slick, beautiful. Great job!

Drake was wrong

Downloaded this app for company use and couldn't have been more satisfied with the results -- especially for the price point. Our engineering team uses it to get ready for their technical talks both inside and outside the company, both as a "first feedback" and "sanity check" measure for their performance. The most helpful feature by far is the filler words function - it helps you identify what you automatically fall back on: crutch words. Pro tip: turn it on in a regular conversation to get a sense of how you communicate. Once they put in the ability to record and play back your words, it's game ova. Impressed by these boys at Harvard. I guess Drake was wrong when he said, "I guess we'll never know what Harvard gets us."

Amazing speech software

This software is one of the best I have come across for speech improvement. From filler words, to proper pacing, to word clarity, Ummo is helping me improve my communication skills. I look forward to future updates where I can record my speech performance and asses my improvements over time.

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